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And it Starts....

2009-06-02 12:21:44 by SteelyJoe

Well it's good to finally be a member on newgrounds
I've been visiting it occasionaly for about 5 years now checking out funny movies, good games to kill the time but recently I've been coming on here a lot as I've finished University for the Summer and there isn't much to do untill my friends get back home but I've gotten into Newgrounds pretty heavy this time and I think it's about time I started making a contribution!

I've just gotten myself a copy of Adobe Flash and going to see how I go with that and I've been working with Photoshop for a while now and recently upgraded up to CS4 which I'm lovin'

So hopefully some time in the near future I'll be uploading a video but don't hold your breath for a shiny diamond!

And it Starts....


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2009-12-29 19:09:51

Best of luck to you bill.


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